Ensenada Experience of Rinconcito Ensenada Restaurant

Ensendada Cuisine At It's Finest 

Baja California's coastal geography and Mediterranean climate have made it one of the most exciting culinary regions in Mexico. The area is known for its fresh seafood, award-winning wines, and unique influences from the many cultures that have settled on this beautiful peninsula. Ensenada, one of the region's largest cities, has come to typify the cuisine found throughout Baja California and thus has become one of the top culinary destinations in the country. Menus feature the freshest seafood often paired with local wines and cheeses, and the city is the birthplace of many globally celebrated dishes.
Rinconcito Ensenada Restaurant Zapopan Essence

Our Essence

We welcome every guest to our table as family, and strive to prepare the freshest, most enticing menu of our favorite dishes from Ensenada for you to enjoy. 
Why Rinconcito Ensenada Restaurant in Zapopan Mexico Guadalajara

Why Rinconcito Ensenada

Our innovative menu, laid-back atmosphere, and location near some of Gudalajara's most active plazas, parks and shopping centers makes us a premier choice for dining out.
Wine & Gastronomy Region at Zapopan Mexico Guadalajara

Wine & Gastronomy Region

With a Mediterranean climate ideal for growing grapes, Baja California is home to a burgeoning wine scene and has become Mexico's top producer. Our menu includes the very best selections. 
Gastronomic Route in Mexico Guadalajara

Gastronomic Route

With over 70 wineries producing award-winning wines, Baja California has become Mexico's largest and most celebrated wine region. Learn more about the region's rich culinary traditions.