Rinconcito Ensenada Restaurant Zapopan Essence

Baja California Gastronomy

Sparkling Pacific waters. Fresh seafood. Award-winning wines. Baja California is a foodie's paradise, and we bring a little corner of it all to you at Rinconcito Ensenada. In our minds, Ensenada is the epitome of Mexican gastronomy, where creativity unleashes fresh flavors and a new generation of chefs and diners alike have created one of the freshest and most interesting cuisines in the country. Our mission is to showcase the flavors of Baja California gastronomy in a comfortable, casual setting that transports you to the coast. 

True Ensenada Cuisine

Anyone who has been to Ensenada would agree, the freshest, most delightful meals are had at local street vendors. They are humble by design yet extraordinary in their skill of preparing fresh seafood in a way that exemplifies the flavors of the sea and pairs perfectly with the region's local wines. We strive to recreate this casual, yet exciting, culinary experience.